Urawa Gakuin High School visit!

Last week the Cardinals had a visit from Urawa Gakuin High School as they used the field for a special training camp as they prepare for the upcoming season. 

With a squad  of 24 players in Australia they trained for three days withsome special guests including the Cardinals own Yoshi san. 

Starting at 8.30 every morning the club was well disclipined in their training warming up, stretching, throwing programs and hitting drills the squad then would partake in inter squad games in what was some really good baseball!

It was an eye-opening experience watching the disclipine and efficency that this squad trained at was incredible. There was no complaints no arguments about any of the training. The players showed upmost respect to everyone and everything. Cleaning the field affter the end of each session, thanking the field and rushing off to welcome their coaches and other support staff that arrive later. 

Urawa Gakuin High School were extremely grateful of the facilities and the time at the field. Saying that will be back! As a club I would just like to say thanks to Urawa Gakuin HIgh School Baseball club for being amazing guests and you are welcome back anytime!

A huge thanks to Mel, James, Yoshi, Cailen and Trevor for donating their time at different periods through the week it was greatly appreciated and was a big reason why our visitors enjoyed their stay!

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Changes to our Online presence

As you may have noticed we are making significant changes to the clubs pesence online!

1. Stream Lining the Website  rather than having everything all over the website it is all grouped together. All regsitration information is in the same menu as our registration portal. 

2. Creating shareable content for our facebook pages make sure you like our page https://www.facebook.com/NerangCardinalsBaseballClub/ 

3. A new Instagram Profile - so if you are out at a game or training and snap a pic to instagram tag us in it we would love to share! @nerangcardinalsbaseball 



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