Teams 01/07/17

Winter 2017. Round 14 this weekend 29/07/17 please contact Mark Flood if you are unable to play

DIV 1 DIV 2 DIV 3 Maroon DIV 4 Gold Away
Ryan Duncan Adis Ibrahimovic Joel Ford Steve Horrocks Martin Bradley
Dan Butcher Mason Robson Mel Dolan Alex Simpson Kyle Pike
Ryuji Nima Andy Hay Naomi LePlastrier Glenn Collins Rhys Niit
Ken Takida Nigel Petri Joel Delahoy Greg Jones Nigel Petri?
Ben Morris Troy Adams Cailen Woods Phil McLean  
James Wooldridge Conan Stevens Troy Damon Craig Cameron  
Yoshiki Nishikawa Ben Allaway Adam Coard Leigh Ritchie  
Mason Robson Matt Conditsis Enrique Pottstock Jay Moody  
Matt Conditsis Brendon Dolan  AJ Davidson George Galbraith  
Ben Allaway Owen Looney Ebony Davidson Phil Cox  
Troy Adams Sam Jones      


Note:  1.  Any player not listed is to contact their team Coach for correction.

       2.  Players are required to be at their games 1 hour prior to the commencement of schedule time.

       3.  Home Games teams playing first (Div 2 + Div 3 Maroon) please get the field an extra 1/2 hour before  
           (9.30am) to help set up the field and scorers shade. Late Games (Div 1 + Div 3 Gold) please make sure 
           you help pack up the ground before leaving remember many hands make light work!