Teams 12/08/17

Winter 2017. GRAND FINAL ROUND this weekend 19/08/17 please contact Mark Flood if you are unable to play

DIV 1 DIV 2 DIV 3 Maroon DIV 4 Gold Away
Ryan Duncan        
Dan Butcher        
Ryuji Nima        
Ken Takida        
Ben Morris        
Rhys Niit        
Yoshiki Nishikawa        
James Wooldridge        
Owen Looney      


Matt Conditsis        
Mason Robson        


Note:  1.  Any player not listed is to contact their team Coach for correction.

       2.  Players are required to be at their games 1 hour prior to the commencement of schedule time.

       3.  Home Games teams playing first (Div 2 + Div 3 Maroon) please get the field an extra 1/2 hour before  
           (9.30am) to help set up the field and scorers shade. Late Games (Div 1 + Div 3 Gold) please make sure 
           you help pack up the ground before leaving remember many hands make light work!